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How to maintain horizontal straw baler machine

Straw baling machine has been extremely popular in recent years because of the prohibition of straw burning by the government and another reason is the promotion of straw recycling makes more and more customers know the advantages of straw baler machine. The straw baler machinery has been developed rapidly with more and more attention paid to environmental protection […]

How much does it cost to buy a fully automatic baler machine in China

How much does it cost to buy a fully automatic baler in China? There is no doubt that the cost of automatic baler machine is definitely higher than semi-automatic baling machine. Although the cost is high for automatic balers, it is superior in performance and high level of automation and high efficiency for the automatic […]

The Influence of the Wear of Waste Paper Baler Parts

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the waste paper baler has played a big role. It can reuse most of waste paper and more and more accepted by people. China’s waste paper baler has been constantly Innovation and following the development of some advanced technologies in abroad. The waste paper baler effectively improves labor […]

What are the common faults of the hydraulic baler? 

There are many problems will be appear while the hydraulic balers in the process of packaging, those problems are common and occur in any manufacturer and hydraulic baler equipment, which we also named common faults. Although these common faults are not a big problem, it will affect normal production and will become big problems if […]

HL Machinery masters the core technology of hydraulic waste paper baler

The emergence of brand HL® waste paper baler has helped the development of the environment to a certain extent, protecting the environment and the cleanliness of the company and the factory. The HL® waste paper baler appeared out of stock situation with it’s excellent performance of easy transportation after baling for waste papers . The […]

What are the features of scrap metal hydraulic baler ?

The effective recycling of scrap metal resources can greatly reduce the exploitation of natural mineral resources, reduce the land occupation and the total energy consumption of the society, save investment, protect the ecological environment, and improve the efficiency of labor production. Especially in today’s natural mineral resources are extremely depleted and increasingly scarce, scrap metal […]

What are the components and structure of the waste paper baler? 

Jiangxi HL General Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise of design, Producing, Exporting, Service in the domestic waste recycling industry. The company has modern large-scale workshops and adopts a modern enterprise management model.  It has over ten models recycling machinery such as semi-automatic hydraulic horizontal balers, full-automatic hydraulic horizontal balers, vertical balers, straw horizontal […]