How much does it cost to buy a fully automatic baler machine in China

How much does it cost to buy a fully automatic baler in China? There is no doubt that the cost of automatic baler machine is definitely higher than semi-automatic baling machine. Although the cost is high for automatic balers, it is superior in performance and high level of automation and high efficiency for the automatic baling machine. However, the cost of automatic balers are different due to the different types and models from different manufacturers with different automation level, thus,only one thing is certain, the more high level automation and best quality, the more higher price for the automatic balers.

Why the price of automatic baler machinery is higher than other balers:

  1. Using PLC high-end computer controlled packing machine, the running time is more accurate to 1 millisecond.
  2. It can be adjusted the speed of packing if the automatic baler operating with the production line.
  3. The excellent automatic baler machine should adopt the newly developed electronic logic circuit system, which can improve the speed and accuracy of the machine.Adopt the electric parts of the world famous brand,which make the quality of the automatic baler is more stable.
  4. Most highly automated balers can functions realize unmanned production and control the whole packaging process with a single key.
  5. The automatic baler can adapt to all kinds of low and high temperatures, even under different humidity and dust.
  6. Without waste of packaging belts and the cost of packaging belt is more lower than those packaging belts in existing market.
  7. The automatic baler adopts special aluminum alloy bracket and assembled with specially treated steel pieces, which makes the automatic balers more stable.

Here you can see that the appearance of automatic baler made by Jiangxi HL General Machinery Co., Ltd is very beautiful with an excellent quality. The value of an automatic baler to above advantages is exceeds the high price.

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