Correct analysis of safety operation problems and precautions of vertical balers

The science and technology of our country and worlds is developing and meanwhile, clearly put forward the sustainable development strategy of resources. The option of using waste paper balers has gradually appeared in the issues of major enterprises. The small vertical waste paper baler is currently one of the more popular varieties of baler users !

With the increasing use of small vertical waste paper balers, the safety issues of small vertical waste paper balers are getting more and more attention. Let’s our company’s ten-year-old employees to analyze the problem of safety operation of vertical baler machine .

1. When packing with a vertical waste paper baler, people’s upper body can’t reach into the feeding barrel of the vertical baler, avoiding the pressure plate suddenly falling and causing harm to the human body!

2, When the baler is wearing the needle, you must not watching the upper chassis with eyes, in order to the steel needle pricks eyes!

3. After the packaging operation is completed, ensure that the chassis returns to the specified position to pull out the can.

4, Always pay attention not to hit the foot while carrying the barrel!

5. Don’t use the water to wash the vertical baler to prevent leakage and keep the workplace dry!

6. Turn off the power in time after using the small waste paper baler !

7. Be sure to confirm the power supply used by the vertical baler. Do not plug the wrong power supply and do the work for leakage protection!

8. Regularly carry out all-round maintenance inspections on small waste paper balers, and keep a record of maintenance work!

It is very important to maintaining the vertical waste paper baler for the normal production as well as pay attention to your personal safety when packing with the vertical waste paper baler. Life safety is the first!

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