The Influence of the Wear of Waste Paper Baler Parts

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the waste paper baler has played a big role. It can reuse most of waste paper and more and more accepted by people. China’s waste paper baler has been constantly Innovation and following the development of some advanced technologies in abroad. The waste paper baler effectively improves labor efficiency, however, it causes the wear of the waste paper hydraulic baler parts while long-term use for the waster paper hydraulic balers. Bellow let’s HL ® hydraulic baler manufacturers tell you about the effects of the wearing parts of waste paper baler.

The shape and dimension of waste paper baler machine will be changed when the parts of the waste paper baler are worn out, that, will reduce the accuracy and strength of machine and cause the parts to fail. There are 80% parts of hydraulic baler machine are caused by wears in an abandoned automatic baler. Therefore, when designing an automatic waste paper baler, it should be always strive to improve the wear resistance of the parts and minimize the wear of the parts. There are a large number of excitation sources in the waste paper baler, such as the backlash of the gears and the eccentric rotation of the shaft.

When the frequency of the baler or baler component is close to or equal to the periodic frequency interference force, it will resonance occurs, called vibration stability loss. Resonance not only affects the normal operation of the automatic waste paper baler, but also causes noise and even damages the automatic waste paper baler. Strength is the basic calculation standard for measuring the working capacity of automatic waste paper baler parts. In order to the part are normal running, the part should have sufficient strength to prevent cracking, excessive residual deformation and fatigue damage. Therefore, the waste paper baler components should meet the strength conditions.

Meanwhile, we should pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance when using the waste paper baler to ensure the normal operation of the waste paper baler. Daily maintenance requests the operator to stop checking the equipment, and strictly request the operating procedures to use the equipment, especially pay attention to the sound, vibration, oil pressure and other conditions that occur during the operation of the equipment. If found that the problem should be timely report,in a timely manner to the scene to stop the liquidation,ensure packaging site clean . Regular maintenance work should thoroughly check and adjust the gaps of each part and fasten the relevant parts of the waste paper baler equipment.

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