What are the common faults of the hydraulic baler? 

There are many problems will be appear while the hydraulic balers in the process of packaging, those problems are common and occur in any manufacturer and hydraulic baler equipment, which we also named common faults. Although these common faults are not a big problem, it will affect normal production and will become big problems if not to solve it in timely. The common failures of the hydraulic baler are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  1. Not vacuum. The first use of hydraulic baler if not vacuum the biggest possibility is that the electric connection is inverted,  vacuum pump reversal caused by vacuum pumping. If the vacuum is suddenly stopped after a period of use, it may be caused by failure of the vacuum pump or the circuit board, or it may be that the vacuum chamber is deformed and the vacuum cover cannot be completely sucked to together, resulting in the failure of vacuum pumping.
  2. Do not seal. If the hydraulic baler does not seal, first observe whether the bag has hot marks. If there is, it means that the heating temperature is not enough, just need to adjust the heating temperature. If the bag appearance without signs of burning, that means the heating bar has no temperature at all, which may be caused by two conditions: the heating strip breaks or burns, and the heating transformer burns. Users only need to step by step to troubleshoot it.
  3. Uneven sealing.The uneven sealing of the bag is generally manifested as the fold of the sealing and no obvious pattern at the sealing. The main reason for the fold at the seal is bag too short . In general, the length of the vacuum bag should be 3-4 cm longer than the package, so as to ensure that there is no air leakage during the packaging process. There is no obvious pattern on the seal, which is mostly caused by the long heating time, that’s why the vacuum bag are fully heated with beauty and smooth seal in such long heating time.
  4. Lower and lower vacuum degrees. Theoretically, the degree of vacuum can only be known by professional instrument measurement, but some of the more obvious low vacuum can still be seen by the naked eye. For example, it takes 10 seconds to draw a bag of items, but with the use of the machine, vacuuming time needs to be longer and longer to achieve the initial effect, which is the performance of the vacuum is getting lower and lower. The reason why the vacuum pump will enter the water, is because the packaging contains a lot of water to resulting the oil in the vacuum pump lost original role. Why the vacuum pump enter water ? The reason is the packaging contains a lot of water, or packaging of good is liquid. Only need to replace the oil of vacuum pump.

In fact, all the common faults that occur during the use of the equipment can be solved quickly by the operator. It’s not only waster of time but also a high cost for the professional after-sales farm-to-home delivery service from suppliers. The operators of hydraulic baler only need to follow the instructions for simple learning, many problems will be solved

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