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What cause the waste paper baler untight of packaging

In the process of using the waste paper baler, there are often customers who say why my articles are not so tight, Is it because the quality of the baler? In fact, there is some time will not tight packaging for the articles, but not always of quality problem for waste paper balers , next […]

What is the structure and transmission types for waste paper baler

Waste paper baler is a mechanotronics product ( mechanotronics system consists of five subsystems, namely mechanical system, information processing system, power system, sensing detection system, actuator system) mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, feeding system and power system. The whole packaging process is composed of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying the box, […]

The strategy and tips for metal baler operation

Metal baler, metal shearing machine, hydraulic metal baler, heavy waste shearing machine, heavy scrap steel cutting machine operation strategy tips are here ! Jiangxi HL General Machinery Co.,Ltd have accumulated a wealth of research and development,production and field experience as well as continuous innovation. It can achieve a better crushing and extend the service life […]

Composition and characteristics of hydraulic system of metal shears

First, composition of the metal shear machine hydraulic system Observing the hydraulic metal shearing machine will be found there are four parts composed for metal shear’s hydraulic system except the working medium as bellow : (1) The metal shear hydraulic system constitutes the the hydraulic pump of the power element which can convert mechanical energy […]

Security considerations when operating gantry shears

Operation and maintenance personnel must be trained before taking up their posts. The operator should have knowledge for electrical, mechanical and hydraulic and should be familiar with the components of the shear machine structure, position, function, characteristics, easy to appear problems, etc., without learning and misunderstand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the shearing […]

Cautions when choosing a multi functional shredder

Why is the shredder called a multi-purpose shredder, which it has a big relationship with its shredded range. Shredder equipment can not be only shred waste metal like cans, paint buckets, color steel tiles, old refrigerators, televisions, computers, scrap cars, bicycles, aluminum alloys, steel wire and other metal objects, but also can shred waste plastic […]

Strapping feeding belt is an import part for hydraulic baler

Generally speaking, the power indicator lights up after the power switch is turned on in the hydraulic baler studio. At this moment, packing belt will automatically into the strap belt warehouse until the storage belt fully if the storage belt warehouse is not full. It’s necessary return button to make it feed the belt if […]

The common wrong operation for waste paper baler machine

It need to be carefully when using the waste paper baler otherwise it will bring wrong operation if not careful. So what are the common operational errors ? 1.We must pay attention that the power supply don’t be used together with other equipment when connecting the power of the waste paper baler, which will cause […]