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The reason of abnormal oil temperature of hydraulic baler machine

The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic baler should be controlled within 60 °C in summer, because the temperature of the hydraulic oil will increase as the external temperature rises gradually. When the temperature exceeds 80 °C, due to the different thermal expansion system, the relative motion between gap and running components of hydraulic will appear […]

The function and characteristics of hydraulic shears

Hydraulic metal shears are mainly used for the shearing of various metal steels. The hydraulic metal shear equipment is widely used in the industrial field. However, we need to know the basic characteristics of the hydraulic shear in order to use the hydraulic shear correctly. So, what are the characteristics of the hydraulic shears? The […]

What should we pay attention to disassemble hydraulic cylinder of metal baler

1. Relieve the hydraulic oil circuit before the hydraulic metal baler removes the hydraulic cylinder. Otherwise, the high-pressure oil in the return line will be ejected when joint connecting to the cylinder. Removes the hydraulic cylinder should be loosened first the hand wheel or pressure regulating screw at overflow valve make sure unload the pressure […]

What should I do if the hydraulic gantry shears leak oil?

First of all, let’s understand what is the leakage of the hydraulic system. It refers to the fluid flowing or temporarily stored in the cavity of the hydraulic component and system, due to pressure, gap, etc., a small amount crosses the boundary of the cavity and flows from the high pressure side to the low […]

What reasons for unstable operation speed of hydraulic gantry shears

1, Why hydraulic gantry shear adjusted output flow unstable? It is related to the hydraulic gantry shear differential pressure reducing valve spool being stuck by dirt. The screw plug at the end of the valve can be disassembled, the pressure reducing valve core can be extracted from the valve sleeve, deburring, cleaning and precision inspection, […]

What should you pay attention to when using the hydraulic gantry shear machine?

Hydraulic gantry shearing machine—a preferred equipment for cutting scrap steel scrap iron and receiving & taking over scrap steel. It has large shearing force, fast shearing speed, stable operation, fully automatic shearing and high efficiency. It uses hydraulically driven for reliable safety and easy operation. Cutting machine blade length has: 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm; […]

Benefits of waste paper hydraulic baler on improving the waste paper recycling

Waste paper hydraulic balers can improve the recycling of scrap paper products, mainly reflects the following aspects: First, there is clear data showing that the recycling of waste paper hydraulic balers can significantly reduce forest, water, electricity consumption and pollutant emissions. According to experts, recycling one ton of waste paper can produce 0.8 tons of […]

What is the operating process of automatic waste paper baler?

Automatic waste paper baler is a practical baler, which can make shredded paper, waste paper, etc. be re-returned into value from waste. So, what is the process of automatic waste paper baler working ? Bellowing we will answers to this question. Check whether the appearance of the device is abnormal before starting the machine, whether there are […]

What are the required operating environment of the plastic baler machine?

The plastic baler has a compact package and beautiful structure, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost. It is a necessary production tool for cotton producing areas, textile enterprises, supermarkets, garment factories, waste materials recovery industry and other various light industrial enterprises. The waste baler produced by Jiangxi HL General Machinery Co., Ltd. can be […]