What should we pay attention to disassemble hydraulic cylinder of metal baler

1. Relieve the hydraulic oil circuit before the hydraulic metal baler removes the hydraulic cylinder. Otherwise, the high-pressure oil in the return line will be ejected when joint connecting to the cylinder. Removes the hydraulic cylinder should be loosened first the hand wheel or pressure regulating screw at overflow valve make sure unload the pressure oil,then cut off the power or power source so that the hydraulic device stopped running.
2. Prevent damage the top thread of piston rod, the thread of the port and the surface of the piston rod, the inner wall of the cylinder liner etc when disassembling,in order to prevent bending or deformation of a part of the elongated member such as the piston rod, should be put some wooden for support balance when placed.
3. Prevent contamination by dust, impurities and other pollutants the removes of metal baler hydraulic cylinder should be dismantled in a clean environment. Protected with plastic cloth for the removes accessories of baler hydraulic cylinder avoid dust but Do not cover with cotton cloth or other industrial cloth.
4. Drained of the oil in the two chambers before disassembly for the hydraulic metal baler cylinder .
5. Proceed in one by one correct when disassembling. It’s some different for proceed of disassembling due to the different forms of hydraulic cylinders. Generally, removed first the cylinder head, and then piston and piston rod . When removing the cylinder head of the cylinder, special tools should be used for the key or circle of the inner card type connection. It is forbidden to use the flat shovel.Hammer is not allowed to hard pry for flange type end cover must be pushed out with screws. Do not force out the piston and piston rod when they are difficult to pull out,and check the reason of problems then disassemble or it will scratches when forced to hit.
6. After disassembly, carefully check to determine which parts can continue to be used and which parts need to be repaired.

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