What should I do if the hydraulic gantry shears leak oil?

First of all, let’s understand what is the leakage of the hydraulic system. It refers to the fluid flowing or temporarily stored in the cavity of the hydraulic component and system, due to pressure, gap, etc., a small amount crosses the boundary of the cavity and flows from the high pressure side to the low pressure side. According to experience, the hydraulic system leakage of this kind of situation is divided into internal leakage and external leakage. Here is analyzed by Jiangxi HL manufacturer tell you the affects of the leakage of hydraulic system:

(1) Selection of seals
The reliability of the hydraulic system of hydraulic gantry shear depends to largely on the design of the hydraulic system seal and seal selection, due to the unreasonable design of seal structure selection, the selection of seal does not accord with standard, doesn’t take into account in the design of hydraulic oil and the compatible type of sealing material, load, extreme pressure, velocity, the change of environmental temperature, etc. These are in varying degrees directly or indirectly caused by the hydraulic system leakage. In addition, due to the dust and impurities in the working environment of the construction machinery, it is necessary to select a suitable dustproof seal in the design to prevent dust and other pollutants from entering the system to damage the seal and contaminate the oil, thereby causing leakage.

(2) Other Causes
In the design of hydraulic gantry shears, considered the geometrical precision and roughness of the moving surface are not comprehensive enough, and the strength check of the joints parts is not carried out in the design, which will cause leakage in the mechanical work.

The leakage of hydraulic oil is a problem that cannot be ignored in hydraulic gantry shear hydraulic transmission, if the leakage can not be solved, it will not only affect the working performance of the system and damage the hydraulic components, but also waste resources and cause environmental pollution. From the above analysis we know it’s very important for hydraulic components and systems of the hydraulic gantry shear hydraulic system leakage sealing device when normal operation. Users should take effective measures to control leakage during use, and promote hydraulic technology to play a greater role in practical work.

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