What reasons for unstable operation speed of hydraulic gantry shears

1, Why hydraulic gantry shear adjusted output flow unstable? It is related to the hydraulic gantry shear differential pressure reducing valve spool being stuck by dirt. The screw plug at the end of the valve can be disassembled, the pressure reducing valve core can be extracted from the valve sleeve, deburring, cleaning and precision inspection, especially pay attention to whether the size of the pressure reducing valve spool is concentric, otherwise it will be repaired and replaced.

2,  Hydraulic gantry shearing difference valve mandrel small hole is blocked or the hole diameter on the valve sleeve by dirt plug , so that the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the throttle valve is not constant and the flow is not stable.  At this point, the hydraulic gantry shears can be used with a diameter of 1mm fine steel wire through the feedback holes on the valve sleeve and spool, or with compressed air blowing.

3,   Hydraulic gantry shears into the oil outlet is easy to reverse.

4, The hydraulic gantry shear one-way speed regulating valve in the one-way valve spool and valve seat connection is not close with an internal leakage.

5, Leakage installed pressure relief valve , or spring broken, installed wrong. Reapplied or replaced are accepted.

6, Speed valve of the internal and external leakage of large flow instability. Dealt with the leakage.

7, Connected inversely for in and out of oil outlet of hydraulic gantry shears, that makes speed control valve like as the common throttle valve, which without pressure feedback compensation.

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