What should you pay attention to when using the hydraulic gantry shear machine?

Hydraulic gantry shearing machine—a preferred equipment for cutting scrap steel scrap iron and receiving & taking over scrap steel. It has large shearing force, fast shearing speed, stable operation, fully automatic shearing and high efficiency. It uses hydraulically driven for reliable safety and easy operation. Cutting machine blade length has: 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm; shear force from 60 tons to 800 tons of several grades, suitable for different users. The device does not require a foot screw, and the diesel engine can be used as an energy source where without power. The gantry shearing machine is suitable for metal cutting and receiving processing plants, scrapping car dismantling fields, metal receiving and receiving companies, scrap steel mills, smelting and forging enterprises, cold-cutting, processing and grid filling of various shapes of steel and various metal structures. According to the important characteristics of the gantry shears, it is not difficult to see that in some general industries for example metal processing, smelting, etc., through the use of gantry shears for metal differentiation shearing will be more excellent, which can significantly improve efficiency.

In addition to using the gantry shears, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. There should be sufficient steel piles around the gantry shears.
2. The components of the migration transformation should have a protective cover.
3. It is necessary to reflect on whether the blade has cracks and whether the blade is securely fastened.
4. Prevent the shear from directly crossing the steel bars and red-burning steel bars specified by the machine. When multiple steel bars are sheared at the same time, it is necessary to convert the cross section of the steel bars and adjust the gantry shears blades in real time to avoid any accidents.
5. It should be replaced a high-hardness blade when cutting low-alloy steel bars.
6. During the operation of the gantry shearing machine, it is strictly forbidden to clean the debris near the knife edge by hand, and stop the idle personnel on the spot.
7. Should powered off immediately and overhaul when found the gantry shears’blade is tilted abnormally .
8. Forbidden to overload operation of the gantry shears when it is working. Don’t cut the exceed thickness material, do not pushed the too short materials into gantry by hand.,use the steel plate to push the material into gantry shears.
9. Maintained for the gantry shear every days as its operation load of the gantry shear is very large cleaned in time to keep the gantry shear stability.
10. Any non-operating personnel shall not operate the shearing machine without authorization, and the operator needs to leave away the gantry shear machine while it stop, not allowed operating gantry shear machine when unattended.

The above is the manufacturer of gantry hydraulic shearing machine recommended for you to pay attention to several aspects of the use and maintenance attention matters, hope it can help you ! Welcome to visit Jiangxi HL General Machinery Co., Ltd. To negotiation business !

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