The function and characteristics of hydraulic shears

Hydraulic metal shears are mainly used for the shearing of various metal steels. The hydraulic metal shear equipment is widely used in the industrial field. However, we need to know the basic characteristics of the hydraulic shear in order to use the hydraulic shear correctly. So, what are the characteristics of the hydraulic shears?

The features of Gantry shear:

(1)This shear is hydraulically driven. Compared with the mechanical transmission shearer, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, small motion inertia, low noise, smooth motion, flexible operation and large cross-section.

(2) It adopts integrated operation of liquid and electric power, can be implement single-time, continuous action change, and simple and convenient operating. It’s easy to complete overload maintenance when stopped and operated in a pleasant working position

(2)This gantry shear is widely used in a range of industries, for example both as a processing equipment for metal recovery units and as a metal cutting processing equipment for the furnace processing and mechanical construction industries in the foundry of the factory.

(4) High production efficiency.

The primary features of the alligator shears:

(1) Reinforced body, small size, compact structure, solid and reliable. Smooth function with closed structure, use gear to splash smooth, add 8KG gear oil at one time for two months running.

(2)Alligator shears have less utility wastage and the service life is greatly improved due to the improvement of smooth conditions.

(3)The alligator shear is planned to be double-knife synchronous interception. It can be used once per second. The number of single-cutting tools is twice that of the blocking machine, and each cutting edge can be used for more cutting, or a variety of types of steel can be placed without any rules.

(4)Alligator shears use rolling bearings with small resistance and power consumption can be greatly reduced under load compared with the same type of interceptor

(5)Alligator shears use high-quality knife seat, connecting rod, high-speed national standard motor to make the quality more stable and longer using life.

Gantry shears and alligator shears are common metal shears, which can cut all shapes of steel and various metal materials. What the main difference between gantry shear and alligator shear is the alligator shears are more suitable for the type of metal material, while gantry shears are more suitable for rod-shaped materials. Please select the suitable hydraulic shear due to different material when buying a shearing machine.

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