The reason of abnormal oil temperature of hydraulic baler machine

The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic baler should be controlled within 60 °C in summer, because the temperature of the hydraulic oil will increase as the external temperature rises gradually. When the temperature exceeds 80 °C, due to the different thermal expansion system, the relative motion between gap and running components of hydraulic will appear abnormal.
The rising temperature of hydraulic oil in hydraulic baler is not only affected by the surrounding environment, but also by other reasons. It is founds that when the oil temperature of hydraulic machinery rises, the customer can find out the following reasons:

1. Too thick dirt deposited on the surface of the radiator will lead to heat and poor ventilation, resulting in too high oil temperature in the hydraulic oil tank. The liquid level is too low and the circulating oil system is not enough, which will result in the high temperature of the system.

2. Improper selection of hydraulic oil brand, especially the viscosity index oil, will directly threaten the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

3. Severe wear on components of the hydraulic system may lead to overheating of the system.

4. The suction pump of the hydraulic pump mixes too much with the air in the oil to form a “cavitation phenomenon”, and under high hydraulic impact, it is accompanied by strong vibration and noise, which leads to a rapid rise in temperature.

All the above points may lead to the abnormal temperature of hydraulic oil in hydraulic baler. Don’t panic and clam down to check whether they are caused by the above points if there are some problems issued.

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