The common wrong operation for waste paper baler machine

It need to be carefully when using the waste paper baler otherwise it will bring wrong operation if not careful. So what are the common operational errors ?

1.We must pay attention that the power supply don’t be used together with other equipment when connecting the power of the waste paper baler, which will cause the voltage of the plug to be too high and cause fire hazard, therefor when use the waste paper baler power supply it’s necessary to ensure match suitable voltage or capacity power supply to avoid the occurrence of hazards.

2.It is best to use a power cord above of 0.75mm and within 10m power cord. That’s because it will causing the cable to burn out and a short circuit then a fire when running the waste paper baler .

3.Reading instructions while installing the waste paper baler and guiding with the special technical engineer or wear protective measures such as gloves when installing for the new waste paper balers, make sure away danger and avoid loss of individual and enterprise .

4.Make sure the power cord must be grounding to avoid prevent static electricity or electricity shock while installing for the waste paper baler.

5.Must ensure that the operators’ hand is dry to prevent danger when plugged in while operating or plugging in the power supply

6.When the machine is not suitable, we must be remember to turn off the power to prevent accidents.

7.Do not place flammable objects around the machine because of when the heating plate is in a very high temperature state, there will be a risk of fire if combustible items are encountered.

8.Do not place the power cord in the forklift or other passageways, or direct press it into the power cord or other place. Once the power cord cover is broken,there will be the risk of electric shock.

9.Do not replace the parts on the machine at will. Do not remove parts such as panels, covers, doors, etc when using the machine. Once removed the parts it will not only cause the baler machine malfunction, but also easy to lead to personal accidents.

10.Do not bundle items with water or moisture as it will cause a risk of electric shock. Don’t operate the machine for other purposes, the automatic strapping machine can be only bundle the bales for waste materials. Do not put your hand or body close to the main machine, and do not pass your head and hands across the runway of the belt during operation to avoid accidents.

The above is the matters need to attention when using the waste paper baler, HL® hydraulic baler reminds you to pay attention to the above matters and do not operate in error. No matter what kind of machinery and equipment, we do not blindly carry out, in accordance with the safe operating procedures for operation, to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

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