Strapping feeding belt is an import part for hydraulic baler

Generally speaking, the power indicator lights up after the power switch is turned on in the hydraulic baler studio. At this moment, packing belt will automatically into the strap belt warehouse until the storage belt fully if the storage belt warehouse is not full. It’s necessary return button to make it feed the belt if there isn’t baling belt in the belt channel of baling belt is not in place. In short, it’s very important for the feeding belt of hydraulic baler as it will affect the packaging process behind and greatly reduce packing efficiency if the belt not adjustment is not good. Therefore, the operator should be skillfully master the hydraulic baler process of wearing belt and be fully prepared for the next steps.

The automatic hydraulic baler is also called unmanned hydraulic baler, is the highest degree of automated hydraulic baler at present, which greatly facilitates the packaging process, reduces the labor intensity of the operator, improves the work efficiency, and reduces the work waste, and saving cost. The automatic hydraulic baler is not only suitable for bundling of conventional objects, but also for bulky, heavy-duty objects and packaging of liquid powdery objects, which has been greatly welcomed by customers.

The first step is to wearing packing belt before operating the fully automatic hydraulic baler. The processing is mount the strap on the belt tray, and then insert the strap into the belt seat. That time, turn down clockwise the whistle handle in the pre-feeding mechanism make sure to keep a certain distance between the two belt pulleys. So that the packing head can pass through the two belt pulleys and enter the storage belt warehouse.

Hold the lead by hand after the packing head enters the storage belt warehouse and then rotate the emergency stop button switch in the control panel, the strap will be automatically fills the storage belt warehouse. What you need to do at this point is to pull the lead from the upper opening of the storage belt warehouse, insert it under the tension claw on the tension arm, and pass through the two pulleys. Rotate the button in the control panel to the “SEND” position and pack it. The belt will automatically fill the belt and completed at this time, that means the belting process of the packing belt is completed, and the preparation for packaging is ready.

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