Cautions when choosing a multi functional shredder

Why is the shredder called a multi-purpose shredder, which it has a big relationship with its shredded range. Shredder equipment can not be only shred waste metal like cans, paint buckets, color steel tiles, old refrigerators, televisions, computers, scrap cars, bicycles, aluminum alloys, steel wire and other metal objects, but also can shred waste plastic products like plastic pots, plastic buckets, turnover boxes, mulch, film, ton bags, nylon bags, woven bags and other plastic products, even can be shred waste rubber products like waste rubber tires, waste wire and other rubber products.

When choose a multi-purpose shredder, it’s necessary choose a shredder match to different material requirements. The following is analyzed by Jiangxi HL General Machinery Factory from the following four aspects:

1.Steel plate: The thickness of steel plate. The thickness of steel plate for double-shaft shredder is different in different manufacturers. But, as a professional crushing equipment, it’s quite necessary regrind the thickness of each steel plate, that, determines different costs will have an impact on the market.

2.The motor: the motor must use the international qualify motor products and not allow to use refurbished motor of non-international motor instead, as the motors easy to burn because of the copper wire does not meet the rated current demand and other problem is the lack driving force to affecting the rate of speed rotation and the overall effect of shredding.

3.The bearing: the good or bad of the bearing directly affect the production effect and shredding effect of the double-shaft shredder equipment,that’ s why famous bearing is integrated.

4. The blade: The blade is the key price factor for double-shaft shredder machine, it’s around 2-4 times differ due to different material.

An excellent performance will be very importance to improve work efficiency and cost. I hope the above points could help you while purchase the shredder machine.

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