What is the operating process of automatic waste paper baler?

Automatic waste paper baler is a practical baler, which can make shredded paper, waste paper, etc. be re-returned into value from waste. So, what is the process of automatic waste paper baler working ? Bellowing we will answers to this question.

  1. Check whether the appearance of the device is abnormal before starting the machine, whether there are any safety hazards around and if the iron wire or plastic rope is sufficient. After confirming normal, open the main air switch of the power distribution box, unscrew the emergency stop button, the power indicator light of the electric control box lights up, and then remote local gear selection switch to remote gear.
  2. Put the magnetic switch on the remote control into the card slot and press the system start button on the remote control twice. After the alarm sounds for 10 seconds, stop the warning device to run. The red alarm light is always on. Press the conveyor start button on the remote control, the conveyor belt runs and then push the paper material into the conveyor inlet, the conveyor belt brings the material into the packing inlet.
  3. After the paper or other material arrives at the position, press the compression button on the remote control, the red alarm light will flash, and the pressure will automatically stop backwards when the pressure head is pressed in place.
  4. Press and hold the bundle button on the remote control for 2 seconds, the device will start automatically, and the indenter will stop when it advances to the front of the bale position. After the position, the siren will alarm at a frequency of 3 seconds.
  5. Press the threading button on the remote control, the threading machine will automatically thread the wire or plastic rope, and the threading machine will automatically return to the original position. Cut the wire or rope to a knot and end it.
  6. After the work is completed, press the remote control system stop button, take off the magnetic switch, press the electric control box emergency stop switch, and turn off the main power.

The above is a brief introduction to the process of the automatic waste paper baler working. By reading this knowledge, hope it help you to understand the automatic waste paper baler more clearly and better.

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