Security considerations when operating gantry shears

Operation and maintenance personnel must be trained before taking up their posts. The operator should have knowledge for electrical, mechanical and hydraulic and should be familiar with the components of the shear machine structure, position, function, characteristics, easy to appear problems, etc., without learning and misunderstand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the shearing machine can not be post operation.

The bellowing is the security considerations for gantry shears:

1.It must be operating in inner room with bright sight line so that the operator can check the operation condition of the equipment and the safety condition around the equipment at any time, the blind spot space can be installed the camera.

2. The machine must be closed and console locked by operator when they leave the operating room

3. The operator shall keep in touch with the refueling personnel, such as using the intercom to contact at any time to ensure safety.

4. Must locking the operating room and machine room during non-working hours.

5. Unauthorized personnel may not enter the operation room and machine room.

6. The irrelevant personnel can not enter the shearing machine plate while the shearing machine running, stopped all or partially gantry shear when someone is in a dangerous position on the site

7. After replacing the blade or other operations, the scissors slider safety pin and the presser clamp safety pin must be completely removed. Otherwise, the safety pin will be cut off and damaged the equipment.
8. Reset the pressed “Emergency Stop”if you need to restart the shearer when the button”Emergency Stop”pressed.

9. The press cover, press block, scissors slider and other parts should be fall to the lowest position, and the push slider should be returned in place to ensure safety after stop working.

10. Don’t repairs or use hand movements the running parts during the operation of the machine and strictly forbidden to press the steel to be cut in the bin by hand or foot.

11. Stop immediately the machine when there is serious oil leak or an abnormal phenomenon during work and then analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and do not take sick work.

12. Good lighting for night operation.

13. Don’t push too much high density and hardness waste metal, otherwise, the shearing knife will wear too much, and even scrapped cutting knife, which will affect the machine use and even destroy the machine.

14. The wast materials shall not be mixed with pressure vessels, inflammable and explosive articles.

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