Composition and characteristics of hydraulic system of metal shears

First, composition of the metal shear machine hydraulic system
Observing the hydraulic metal shearing machine will be found there are four parts composed for metal shear’s hydraulic system except the working medium as bellow :
(1) The metal shear hydraulic system constitutes the the hydraulic pump of the power element which can convert mechanical energy into pressure energy and provide pressure oil (hydraulic oil) to the system:
(2) Metal shearing machine hydraulic system actuator hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor. It can be converted into mechanical energy from pressure energy and push the load to do work.
(3) The control element hydraulic valve can be control and adjust the pressure, flow and flow direction of the oil in the system.
(4) Other components of auxiliary components, including fuel tanks, filters, pipes, joints, seals, accumulators, heater coolers, etc.

Second, features of hydraulic system of metal shears
(1) Advantages of metal shear hydraulic system .
The metal shear hydraulic system has advantages compared with mechanical transmission and electric transmission as following:
A, Easily achieve step-less speed regulation;
B, Metal shear hydraulic system has features of smaller volume and lighter weight at a certain power. (compared to mechanical and electronic transmission):
C, The hydraulic system of metal shearing machine works stably and small impact commutation, it’s easy to realize frequency commutation and overload protection, the hydraulic system can be self-lubrication as well as a long service life;
D, Easy to operate and achieve automation. Easy to combine with CNC and kinetic energy technology is the characteristics of metal shear hydraulic system.
E, Metal shear hydraulic system is easy to standardize and generalize as well as design, manufacture and promote.

    (2) Disadvantages of the metal shear hydraulic system .
A, It’s hard to guaranteed for strict gear ratio due to leakage and compression.
B, More energy loss (leakage, friction loss, etc.). Low efficiency transmission.
C, Sensitive to temperature change of hydraulic oil of metal baler brand. The hydraulic system is not suitable working in very high or low temperature environment.
D, Hard to find out the cause of metal shears hydraulic system failures.

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