What cause the waste paper baler untight of packaging

In the process of using the waste paper baler, there are often customers who say why my articles are not so tight, Is it because the quality of the baler? In fact, there is some time will not tight packaging for the articles, but not always of quality problem for waste paper balers , next we will do analyse some situations of the baler article untight.

1. The tightening force is adjusted to be small. The baler has the option of tightening force adjustment, the user can refer be adjusted according to different products. The users can read the user instructions carefully find the detailed conditioning methods.

2. Constraints of binding object shapes. As the baler users who knew the upper skateboard structure of the baler is a piece of square iron, which determines that the baler works better when strapping square or rectangular objects, while strapping round objects is less effective.

3. Products with less flexibility. Users who have doubts about this problem can check that the same strapping machine with the same tightening force. The function of strapping the carton will be better, and the effect of the strapping iron box will be loose. This is because the iron box has less elastic than the carton, so the role of strapping will be different.

In summary, the reason why the baling machine is not tight is not only the small binding force, but also the packaging products characteristics. Therefore, if the user has doubts in this regard when purchasing the baler can told us exactly the packaging materials and then we tested for it with an report, thus eliminating some after-sales troubles.

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