HL Machinery masters the core technology of hydraulic waste paper baler

The emergence of brand HL® waste paper baler has helped the development of the environment to a certain extent, protecting the environment and the cleanliness of the company and the factory. The HL® waste paper baler appeared out of stock situation with it’s excellent performance of easy transportation after baling for waste papers . The hydraulic waste paper balers set off a wave of “wind” in recycling industry because of customer,environmental and large profit requirements, that cause the fast developing for hydraulic balers.

The technology of the waste paper baler is mainly reflected in the precision of the product. For example, does anyone know how appropriate the spacing between the paper cutters is? I am afraid so many peoples, who are not professional technical talent and don’t conduct in-depth research, even some hydraulic baler manufacturers can’t answer ! Let HL Machinery manufacturer answer that, the spacing between the paper cutters should not exceed 5mm. At the same time, the precision of the production needs to be precisely grasped in each link. The parallelism and vertical of the slide must be limited within 10 wires to ensure ensure silent work and no noise.

HL Machinery invest special funds in technological innovation and technology research and development every year to find face-to-face communication with technical experts and customers in the industry. “The annual HL Machinery Quality Miles” is a bridge for communication and deeply understand customer requirements and help to solve operational problems. In order to highlight the importance attached to technology research and development, the R&D department is directly under the company and can be approved for implementation.

There are two main categories of HL® waste paper balers, semi-automatic hydraulic balers and fully automatic hydraulic balers available multiple models to meet the transportation needs. 24-hour consultation hotline: 0086791-86368268 Sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit and inspect the work, and jointly contribute to the development of waste paper baler industry!

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