How to maintain horizontal straw baler machine

Straw baling machine has been extremely popular in recent years because of the prohibition of straw burning by the government and another reason is the promotion of straw recycling makes more and more customers know the advantages of straw baler machine. The straw baler machinery has been developed rapidly with more and more attention paid to environmental protection by the countries of the world.

Straw baling machine is also called horizontal baling machine. The baling objects include wheat straw, corn straw, soybean straw, straw and other agricultural straw. The horizontal baler suitable for large farms, straw recycling companies and feed production enterprises. It can greatly reduce storage space and transportation costs. Horizontal straw baler must pay attention to the following aspects in daily use:
1, Please inject 25kg gear oil before starting the machine, and then tighten the plug of the oil filling hole.
2, Carefully check the power line, prevent trouble points, leakage, to ensure electricity safety.
3, Carefully check the machine motor, transmission parts of the connection part of the bolts, screws whether consolidated, and see if there is loose phenomenon, in order to timely fastening.
4, Set the preheating temperature according to the species. Corn and wheat stalks range from 80 c to 90 c, while rice hulls range from 80 c to 100 c.
5, Idle the machine for 1 minute after starting up, check whether the machine can operate normally, and feed a small amount of material in normal condition and average feeding after the remaining material put out clean from machine.
6, Before feeding, please be sure to pay attention to the hard sundries in the raw materials, and thoroughly remove the stone, iron and other materials into the bin to avoid damage to the machine.
7, The oil filling air on the universal joint shall be once 2-3 drops at a time once every 8 hours.Please put a little wet material on the machine before stop, so that the packaging process is smooth discharge after starting the machine in next day.

Maintenance of straw horizontal baler:

1, Timely cleaning straw horizontal baler soil and weeds. Remove the exhaust pipe and clean the sewage and sediment inside. Clean engine surface oil in time.

  1. Clean the air filter of straw horizontal baler.Clean the filter element with diesel oil first, then soak it with engine oil, and then assemble it after the excess oil drips through the filter.Remove the cylinder head, take out the valve set and wash the soil, remove the rust and grind the valve.
  2. Remove the vortex chamber panel of straws horizontal baler, clean impurities, and dredge the blocked main jet hole and starting hole on the panel. Remove the connecting rod nut and the piston connecting rod set and clean with a copper scraper or a bamboo stick to remove the carbon deposits on the piston.
  3. Drain the dirty oil in the fuel tank of straw horizontal baler and clean the fuel tank, diesel filter and fuel injection pump.Drain cooling water and drain lubricating oil from oil sump. Add the mixed oil (2/3 oil, 1/3 diesel ) after cleaning,then shake the crankshaft several times, clean the lubricating oil tank, then release the mixed oil, final add the clean oil to the specified calibration position.
  4. Remove the clutch of straws horizontal baler, clean all parts with diesel oil and dry before installation.Release gear oil from gearbox, clean with diesel oil, then add clean gear oil. Remove dirt from tires. Adjust the front beam value of the front wheel and the free Angle of the steering wheel. Disassemble the brake, clean the dirt of brake hub and brake disc, dry them before installation.
  5. Clean the soil inside the electrical equipment of brand HL®straw horizontal baler.Dry the coil and check the insulation and conductivity. Remove dirt from battery poles. Unscrew the charging hole cover and dredge the vent hole, clean the impurities in the battery with distilled water then add the electrolyte to charge after cleaning.

Straw horizontal baler is a consumable machine, correct to use and careful execution of maintenance system and strict observance of safe operation rules are necessary conditions to extend the service life of straw horizontal baler, it can improve production efficiency and ensure the production of straw horizontal baler .

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