The harm of too high lube oil temperature of waste paper balers

1.Waste paper baler lube oil leakage is serious, if the pressure of oil pump is adjusted too high, the wear of the moving parts will lead to the continuous increase of the sealing gap, the sealing device will be damaged, and the oil used in the waste paper baler. When the viscosity is low, it will lead to an increase in leakage. After finding the cause, you can take corresponding measures.

2. The heat dissipation is poor, the heat dissipation area of ​​the fuel tank is insufficient, the oil storage capacity of the fuel tank is too small, the circulation of the oil is too fast, and the cooling effect of the waste paper baler is poor, such as the failure of cooling water supply or fan failure, high ambient temperature are the causes of poor heat dissipation.

3. Misuse of oil with too much viscosity, waste paper baler can easily cause excessive hydraulic loss.

4. The impact phenomenon during the commutation and speed conversion, the waste paper baler will cause unnecessary capacity loss, but also will be converted into heat energy, it also will make the oil temperature rise. The reversing buffer valve and the speed changing mechanism should be adjusted to eliminate the impact.

If you can solve it by yourself after troubleshooting,then solved the problem by yourself; If the problem can’t be solved by yourself, please call our 24-hour after-sales telephone to make a repair appointment. We will deal with the phone calls and provide technical assistance within 2 hours.

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