What are the components and structure of the waste paper baler? 

Jiangxi HL General Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise of design, Producing, Exporting, Service in the domestic waste recycling industry. The company has modern large-scale workshops and adopts a modern enterprise management model.  It has over ten models recycling machinery such as semi-automatic hydraulic horizontal balers, full-automatic hydraulic horizontal balers, vertical balers, straw horizontal balers, scrap metal balers, shredded machine, hydraulic gantry shears machine, hydraulic alligator shears, metal scrap baler shears, and so on. The market share of the hydraulic machinery and equipment of the company is far ahead in the domestic industry. We have over 150 skiller works include more than 20 senior artisan and engineers with over production of  100 billion RMB. Our products have been sold well in all cities in China and some countries of worlds. It is one of the best production bases of hydraulic machinery in China.

About the composition and structure of hydraulic balers, we briefly introduce as below: 

The hydraulic baler is a mechatronics machinery, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, feeding system and power system. The whole packing process consists of assistant time such as packing, returning, carrying, transferring, upstream, downstream and receiving. Up to 2013, there are two main types of waste paper balers on the market: horizontal and vertical. The efficiency of the vertical waste paper balers is not high because they are smaller due to the smaller packaging size.  The horizontal waste paper baler is bulky compared to the vertical baler, and its compression force and the size of packing is also larger than the vertical baler, so the efficiency of packaging is high, and it’s easy to operate automatically, so the horizontal waste paper baler is generally used in the market.

The horizontal waste paper baler is easy to achieve automation, which can improve the overall efficiency of packaging and save labor costs for packaging.

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